Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some missed events


We just got back from visiting Arizona and I thought maybe I should just let go of the fact that I haven't posted about 2 months worth of stuff- just forget about it and start anew with this most recent trip but I just can't make myself do it. My OCD inclinations take over and I just can't stand the thought of things being posted out of order or all together missing. So, I gotta backstep.

So back in the last week of March Shawn and I drove down to Las (my favorite place) Vegas Baby for my 3rd, his 2nd year in a row to attend the WPPI convention. (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). I make such a happy passenger on road trips. Even when the destination is Vegas, still I love to sit in the passenger seat . . . .
I think this is the last picture of my glasses before they were stolen. I love those glasses. Sigh.
We went down a day early so that we could stop in Apple Valley, Ca to visit my grandma. My Grandma Bobby is 89 this year and healthier than most 50 year olds. She goes to Nevada twice a year with all her girlfriends to gamble and get drunk, plays cards every Friday- drives herself everywhere and is a shining example of happiness, independence, and health.
She is also a good example of somewhat awkward and embarrassing moments. We went out to eat at this Italian restaurant on Saturday night and while we were waiting for a seat, we were sitting in the lounge area and some people who were a little overweight walked in and were waiting close by. My tactful grandma chose this moment to note in a rather audible-to-all voice, "Aren't you glad you're not fat?!"

Once we arrived in Vegas on Sunday we headed over to my brothers house for a BBQ.
He and Tanya were celebrating Easter 2 weeks early- they're big fans.

Unfortunately, that was not in my Easter basket.
So then we headed over to the opening party of the convention. It was boring. Or, in other words, we didn't know anybody, and tend to be sorta shy at these things.
But we knew Kevin and Nancy were in town so we caught up with them for dinner. We ate at this place called Pearl at the MGM Grand (also a place where Nancy has eaten too much in years past and thrown up in their bathroom) In the middle of our dinner a girl/photographer came over to our table saying that another girl knew Shawn and wanted to buy him a free picture. He denied over and over again that he knew this person but she came back twice insisting on this relationship. The third time she came back she said it was a mistake. (I know, sounds awful suspicious). Anyway, the whole thing was really weird and confusing and humorous but at least we got these fine photos out of it.
I have faithfully been carrying this one around in my wallet next to my wedding photo.
And my personal favorite
I'm a little confused though because I checked Nancy's blog after we got home and while she noted many other things about her trip to Vegas, these awesome pictures were nowhere to be found.
Anyway, the rest of the trip was mainly all convention. We did decide that since we have to come to Vegas every year, we're just gonna go all out. Might as well do it right. This year we participated by going to see Blue Man Group and eating at a Buffet! Other moments to remember included seeing an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Bellagio, lots of good food, losing my favorite glasses ever, having none of my prints make it into the competition :( , meeting up with my dad and Sandy for a fabulous lunch with Steve and Tanya, and a little bit of warm weather.
On the drive home we stopped at Casa De Fruita where we got milkshakes and took pictures of cows, old cars & trains, and us. It was a little frustrating though since I couldn't see half the stuff I was looking at. Err.

Easter Egg Dying At Emily's- the real deal.

Right after we got back into town, the Sunday before Easter, Emily had some friends over to dye Easter Eggs, the traditional way. Apparently Emily's family used to do it this way when they were growing up. You wrap various flowers and plants around the egg and tie it inside nylon and then use some sort of natural dye to boil them in- We chose to use Rat as our natural dye.
Just Kidding. Those are actually beets we're using.
I don't know who this guy is but, uh. . . perv!
And here is the end result.
And the lovely host.

Aurelia's First Birthday

On April 7th I went down to San Jose for Renee's daughter's first birthday.
Unfortunately being one can be awfully tiring and she had to sleep for half the party, so I have more pictures of everyone else than I do her. Fortunately Aurelia has lots of cool friends so it was still quite the party. There was puppies, pinatas, rolly pollys and playing in the dirt :
I'm thinking of doing the same for my birthday
Graham, Karen's son, had no problem staying awake for all the festivities, but then again, he's not that old yet.
anyway, here's one more of the beautiful birthday girl.

Easter and Milo, Mark's and Nate's Birthday

The next day was Easter and a celebration of both Milo's 1st birthday and Mark and Nate's not 1st birthday.
Not sure why Mark and Nate are stepping on Milo in this cake picture, but it was a terribly tasty cake so whatever. Milo stayed wide awake for his first birthday but that could have something to do with him having his very own pupcake.
Anyway, Easter was lovely. Shawn and I made these pretty little Mozzarella Caprase bites which I also made for Aurelia's party, but this time managed to not spill the balsamic vinegar all over the passenger seat of our brand new car.
Man, does Betsy love Easter!!
She tried to get Shawn in the spirit of things but he doesn't look convinced.

A Few Random Things

From the remainder of April trough the end of May I don't seem to have much to share. I was working quite a bit and I am thinking that I'm gonna start posting a few of my favorite pics from each of my photo shoots- so that to come soon.
Other than that, highlights included a few Suburban Monday nights with the Grovers, including a trip all the way to Spaghetti Factory where Courtney insisted she sit in the "Queen's Chair" all night,
a wake for Kurt Vonnegut where we all dressed in black and read stuff he wrote,
(tatanka had his own feelings about this event), an emergency trip to the vet for Morgie, me teaching a class on Vegetarian cooking at church, Facing History Benefit dinner, a Mother's Day BBQ hosted by Brad and Candice,
a Southern Dixie dinner done vegi style, Heather's birthday, a couple of trips to Bi-Rite Creamery with Liz and Jeremy, and, like I mentioned, a lot of work.
Ok, now I can move on. fwweeee.