Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Baby Oscar's birth {birth photography}

I don't even know where to start with talking about this session; it was such a wonderful experience for me. I had never done any birth photography before but when Liz mentioned it as something she was thinking about, I knew immediately that I would want to do it. For quite some time after Berkeley was born, I was obsessed with reliving the day in my head. I would just go through it, phase by phase, as if trying to cement every detail into my brain. I loved that day so much, and I just needed it to be right there, within reach. (Thankfully I created a written record of it!) So anyway, yes, so very excited and honored about the idea of creating an actual visual memory for someone.

I feel like I sound so vain, but I just love these pictures! Not so much because of anything I did well, but because I love to see untainted emotion, and a birth clearly presents lots of that. Pain, fear, nervousness, anticipation, agony, compassion, elation, exhaustion, falling in love, starting over . . . I love these images.