Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kali, Kelly, and kids- leaving San Francisco

The last time I photographed these guys they were moving to a bigger house because baby Cora had just been born and they were feeling the need for a bit more space, and wanted to capture some images in the little house they'd lived in for so long before moving on. This photo shoot came only about a year and a half later and because they wanted to capture some images in San Francisco before moving on. I guess Cora proved to be a much bigger baby than expected :) because they are headed off to their next home. But they stopped here at Sutro Baths for some last photos first. There aren't many places that will have you living quite as close to the Pacific Ocean, so it's a good idea to take some deep salty air breaths with your babies before saying goodbye.

I will miss this family terribly. Each one of them is a gem.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Amaia, with Monica and Clare

Clare contacted me about two months ago when she knew that Amaia's mortality was sadly about to be an issue. But she proceeded to tell me about their life with such positivity and joy I felt like I was being asked to come photograph a celebration!

And that is essentially what our afternoon together turned out to be; it was filled with a lot of relaxed falling-in-to-each-other sits, laughter, friends and neighbors stopping by, fingers running through fur, howling at the cat next door, as well as some tears (but every good celebration requires some tears).

As much as Clare loves Amaia, I think her real reasoning for doing the photo shoot was for Monica. It was Monica and Amaia who found each other first, and their connection runs deep. The family is clearly all three of them, but I found it so thoughtful that what Clare truly wanted was to honor the relationship her two big-hearted girls have with each other!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Baby Cal

This little family is living in Alaska right now but they were recently down visiting some family, and since the last time I saw them was their wedding day, we were due for a visit! And for some photos.

I loved photographing Brittany and Greg's wedding two years ago, but truth be told, not as much as I loved photographing them two months ago holding the little human they just made.

Cal is three months old here, and oh how I wish these guys lived closer so I could take pictures of him every three months!

They luckily have some dear friends who live in Napa so this new family of three just made themselves right at home- lazing about the house, napping on their sofa, cuddling their dog, and taking advantage of the fact that they could take Cal outside in the backyard and not worry about his toes freezing off.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Joelle, Sam and baby Dorian

Joelle is a friend of some friends. Before this shoot I hadn't seen her in a long time (like, before there was a baby or a husband long)! It's not like I ever knew her that well, but it's still so fun to see how people's lives and identity changes as the people in their life change. The last time I saw her I'm sure we were mingling at some dinner party eating fancy cheeses and chocolates, and this time she was crawling around on the floor chasing a lil' babe, and I was chasing her.

At the same time, it's good to know some things stay the same. Joelle and Sam and both musicians; they told me how they actually came back to her apartment and played music together on their first date. And now, they still play music together, but with the accompaniment of some chubby little one-year-old hands attempting the bass line along side them.  

It was so great to hang out with these three on a Saturday afternoon- we crawled up and down the hallway, had some dinner, broke into a few little jam sessions, went for a walk around their colorful block, came back, and got ready for bed. And I can testify that I overheard them telling Dorian they love him at least 100 times in the span of those few hours.