Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Albert and Andrea and Madeleine

Back in 2011 Maria and I photographed these guys' wedding. And then just last month I got to photograph these guys' little person. Madeleine is the perfect combination of both Albert and Andrea. She's smiley and sassy, smart and loving, a performer and a cutie.
I love when I get to check back in with the people whose wedding I photographed. It's such a big event to be a part of in someone else's life that when it's over it often feels unfair- like the movie just stopped part way through and I don't know what happened next! Which is why I get genuinely so excited to hear from my old couples; it's like someone just handed my my nachos back and started the reel again!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Cal- One Year!

Warm afternoons on the Sausalito Bay are even warmer when you're visiting from Alaska! (or when you're hanging out with such lovely people, like I was). The last time this precious family was in town Cal was just 3 months old, but he turned one during this visit and he's now walking and jumping  and drinking from a straw (when he's not napping). And the next time they are in town it will be because they are moving back here! So lots more warmth for everybody coming up soon.

It's a beautiful thing to witness kids being loved on so much, and these guys do more than their fair share to contribute to that beauty!

Morgan and George, at home with their parents

There's not a lot better than waking up on a Sunday morning and having nowhere you need to go and being free to just snuggle in bed with your people (well, except for maybe not waking up on a Sunday morning while your little people hang out in their own bedroom . . . but you know, if that's not an option, this is definitely a close second! :)). And this is a thing these guys love to do on the weekends. Everyone piles on mom and dad's bed to slowly lazily wake up. These small rituals add up to the greater whole of our lives and they are hands-down one of my favorite things to capture.

*Side note* This is the 3rd or 4th time I have photographed this adorable family and I still manage to mess up. It's just that they have a dog (Paris) that looks like one of my dogs, and a kid (Morgan) with the same name as my other dog, so I invariably at least once during each session call their dog the kid's name. Eeeek. Luckily, they are very forgiving :)