Thursday, May 20, 2010

sneak peek of "Meatball" on the way {maternity photography}

Just a quick little peek here from my photo shoot with Mariana and Shawn, hanging out on their Vespa, with mystery-gender baby in tow.
So many fun ones from this session- can't wait to share the rest!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Matt and his Guitar

I have this good friend from Nashville named Matt, and by 'good friend' I mean old boyfriend from about 12 years ago. We met when he was out here going to Stanford and we were both servers at Macaroni Grill. And I was completely in love with him :) Our lives went different ways but every few years or so one of us will reach out and say hi, and on one of these reaches, Matt sent me a cd he'd just recorded. I've been super happy to see that he's following his dream, so when he asked if I'd be willing to help him out with some pictures during a trip to the West Coast to record, I was more than happy to oblige!
I'm sure I'm gonna butcher the explanation of his music, but it's like world/spiritual/life-loving/happy-sounds music. (You can listen/buy here and you will soon be able to check out his website for a more accurate understanding :)) Anyway, I had no clue what I was doing with these pictures because . . . well, I have never really photographed just a person and an inanimate object- my subjects are always with other people or other living things. So I was a little out of my element, but in the end, I still think they turned out great and, it was wonderful to spend the day with him and listen to him sing.

This is my favorite one- it's exactly how I remember him in my head, with his fabulous laugh that I'm surprised doesn't give him whiplash.

And one of the two of us on Stinson Beach.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cameron and Connor {kids photography}

Last month I had the chance to spend the day with these guys down in the South Bay, and had such a great time hanging out with them- we read, played with bubbles, built Legos and even dyed Easter eggs (since it was Easter weekend). Seriously, it was so fun and relaxed, I kinda didn't want to leave after we were all done.
Sometimes people (understandably so) get so worried about the photo shoot and how it's gonna go and what they should be doing and if they are doing it right. . . . It can be hard to just let go, but these guys were so great at just simply hanging out, and to me, that is when we get the best shots, when it's just a little piece of everyday life, and nothing more.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facing History Benefit dinner, last year.

Also last weekend, Facing History and Ourselves, a nonprofit organization that Shawn and I give to (an amazingly wonderful nonprofit that does fabulous work and you should definitely check out) was having their annual Benefit Dinner. We had every intention of going, but somehow kept forgetting to buy our tickets until it was too late. So anyway, while this is where we were supposed to be last Sunday night after getting back from the Farm, we were not, but I thought this was a good excuse to share something I've been avoiding sharing for the past year. . . .
At last year's dinner, I was actually asked to do "the ask". That's where, in front of 100s of people eating really nice food at The Four Seasons Hotel, and after they have all just heard some really amazing speakers with all sorts of degrees and credentials and influence and experience speak, I get up at the end and ask everyone to consider what they've heard and donate money. Slightly nerve racking . . . a lot nerve racking . . . the nerves were 100% racked.
While I practiced for weeks beforehand, it still didn't do much to make me into a public speaker, and I actually really hate watching the video. In fact, I've only watched it once, and not even all at the same time because the first time I tried to watch it I was so . . . what's the word. . . ehhhk, watching myself, that I couldn't even watch. I look like a bird or something. I have no idea why my mouth makes such funny shapes when I'm nervous.
So I clearly didn't want anyone else to see this, buuuuttttt, at the same time, in all seriousness, this was also one of the moments in my life when I have been the most proud to be involved with something. The work that this group does is truly the work that I feel will make the world a better place. Plus, it's been a year, and I'm way prettier now! And I'm sure I no longer talk like a bird.

Ok, so first, here's a pic from the event

and now, here it goes: Me speaking at the 2009 Facing History Benefit Dinner.

But also, please check out one of the other speakers from the night. Trevor Gardner is just one of Facing History's many dedicated teachers, and I know you don't know him like you know me, but his speech was much more interesting and inspiring than me asking for money, so look at that one too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down 2010

Two years ago Shawn and I went up to Orland, Ca. to go to The Farm Sanctuary's annual fundraiser/hoe down event. We had such a great time, as seen here, and were really excited to go back this year. We invited Nate and Court this time so that we could fit in better (they are Vegan) but they totally brought their American flag chair and ruined that plan ;)

Anyway, it was lovely! (except for the part where we got there too late Saturday and left too early Sunday to go see the animals! I was kinda peeved about that. Oh, and the part where I went and bought an air mattress the day before since I suspected that laying on the ground 6 months pregnant wasn't going to be so comfortable, but then didn't pay attention to the part where I bought one that only has an electric pump, thus leaving me to prove my suspicions correct- not so comfortable) But we still got to listen to interesting speakers, eat great food, act like farmers, barn dance, star gaze, read, snuggle, camp, get ticks, do yoga, and pat ourselves on the back for being so moral :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Craig & Andrea {Engagement Portraits}

And here is one more little E Session peek, this one from the people who completely stole my heart yesterday (although it was pretty far gone even before then) with the CUPCAKES they had delivered to Maria and I! (we will be posting about that on our blog later today I'm sure).
Anyway, just had to get a little snippet of these kitchen dancers here, but look for the full post over on our Verité blog.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Penny & Dimitri {Engagement Portraits}

And speaking of our new Verité blog, go there to see the full post of our Engagement Photo Shoot with Penny and Dimitri!