Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hudson {dog photography}

Now here is some more from the luxury shoe eating dog, Hudson. I was thinking that there's not a lot of dogs that could get away with chewing on a pair of Monolos and still be loved, but that's probably because in order to even have a chance, you'd have to be as cute as this guy, and not a lot of dogs come close.

I mean, Seriously!

After chewing on a sufficient enough number of shoes, it was on to tastier things for Hudson. We left Melanie's apartment and headed over to Ottimista to meet her parents for some wine and a walk around Union Street.

So hard to pick just a few of these! His face looks like that in every single picture!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Justin's Bar Mitzvah

I love this family! I photographed Chloe's Bat Mitzvah a few years ago and loved them then, and now, just about two months ago I photographed Justin's big day. All of their aunts and uncles gave me big hugs and treated me like an old friend- it was so unexpected and sweet!

Friday evening we did some family photos in their backyard. And as I remember pointing out last time, this family is incapable of creating an average-looking person- they are all GORgeous!!

Their Vogue shot:

And they again had the celebration the following night at the Hotel Valencia on Santana Row, but this time the theme was "Justin's Safari Adventure", decided after a family trip to Africa where Justin fell in love with everything.

(it's good to be the "man of the hour")


And now for the top 3 reasons I LOVE bar mitzvahs:
They make otherwise perfectly mature adults rat their hair like a teen in the 80s, color it purple, play air guitar, and do a million other completely silly things

I get to witness 13-year olds slow dancing (I clearly wasn't the only one amused)

But most of all, the vertical awkwardness of this stage in life is priceless; it gives me such a giddy feeling to see!

Then on Sunday morning I photographed brunch back at their house.

The event was designed and coordinated by the fabulous Ellen Lovelace of Quicksilver Concierge, and videoed by the talented Andy Hirsch of Blue Moon Productions.