Sunday, November 23, 2014

Newborn Cora

And the follow-up to this photoshoot, is Cora! She was a full-blown, air-breathing human this time, plus all kinds of adorable!

With the growing numbers in this family, they are moving to a bigger house this week, which is why they really wanted to simply hang out at home for this photo session. This lil' beach house has been good to them; it's welcomed both their girls into the world and kept them safe and warm. It's exciting to move on to the next thing but I imagine it's also an emotional thing to leave your family's first home (even if the bedroom is only three inches bigger than the bed :)).

But, big house or little house, it's clear that wherever little Miss Cora lives, she will be well-loved!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Terasa and her Min Pin, Mr. Handsome

His real name is Hansel, but you can see why he goes by Mr. Handsome! (If I was that good-looking, I would insist on going by the same).

Years ago, I photographed Terasa with her old dog Shaq, and obviously bonded with her since my dog growing up was Magic (both Lakers fans). So now that Hansel is the new boss in town, she had to get some photos of him as well.

These two love to be together! On the couch watching a game, in the car running errands, or at the park going for a walk- whatever the activity is, they do it together. I loved photographing these guys because they just reminded me how much joy can come from such a bond.