Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teresa and Glenn's 25th Anniversary Party

Back in May I was invited to photograph Teresa and Glenn's 25th Wedding Anniversary/Teresa's 50th Birthday Party. It was held on the Penthouse Suite level at the Fairmont San Francisco- an A-mazing location! and it was so much fun. They had their old wedding video playing, the original napkins, favors, and cake topper, and it was all set to the backdrop of the Transamerica Building, which is where they went dancing the night they met!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dave and Charlene

DaAbout three months ago I joined Maria for Dave and Charlene's wedding here in San Francisco, and I'm so glad I did. Kevin Chin always teases me about having crushes on all the pretty brides-- Well, Charlene was cause for a classic case of this. She was just so beautiful, I fell right into being a 10 year old girl totally enamored with the princess. Charlene had the most amazing silk dress from Thailand, super sparkley shoes, pretty pink flowers, and a gorgeous and gracious smile- I probably took a million pictures of her!

Here is the amazing Maria Chang of PMA working her magic.

This picture cracks me up- I'm pretty sure she somehow convinced Dolly Parton to try her dress on during the fitting.

I guess we can't forget about the groom :) Dave was there too, and Dave too was so cute.

The Ceremony

I absolutely love the expression on Dave's mom's face here.

This was taken right as the security guard was coming out to tell us that we couldn't take pictures there, but Charlene was still trying to camouflage herself into the bamboo.

Friday, July 04, 2008

First Day of license-issuing for Gay Marriage in SF

About two and a half weeks ago our intern Diana (yep- I'm big-time now- with an intern) and I went down to city hall for the big June 16th marriage celebration (and protest). City Hall started handing out marriage licenses to same-sex couples that evening and the first ceremony was performed!
We couldn't really get to the actual ceremony because it was so crowded and because they were doing their best to keep it at least semi-private, but we were still able to be part of the excitement. It really was so amazing to be there for this. It just felt really historical and I was so proud to have my camera there and be able to capture a few of the reactions from this moment in time.

It felt somewhat draining to go back and forth from experiencing so much excitement and love to feeling so sad about people who have the potential to say such hateful things. . .

We went inside for a little bit and were able to catch a few glimpses of Mayor Newsome (or as Courtney likes to call him, "Cutie Gavin") making a speech at the ceremony.

Some others trying to sneak a peek like us.
There were 3 floors of people gathered around the various ceiling openings trying to see what was happening.

I really like this picture. Not everyone was trying to get close to the action; there were little groups of people scattered all throughout city hall, I guess just wanting to be in the vicinity as these events were taking place.

Most of the action was back outside though.

Holding up a piece of the cake from that first ceremony.

And here is Diana, in true photojournalist pose.