Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kali, Kelly, Veda and belly

This family-- they live on the same street as us, Kali and I are both photographers, husbands both obsess over fast cars, and our daughters go to the same co-op preschool. But the similarities stop there and just turn into jealousy because, as you can see, Kali has WAY better hair than me, and they grow blueberries in their backyard that actually grow, and they go camping like every weekend (I have this dream about being a total "camping family" but in actuality, we've been like three times).

But jealousy aside, I very much like these guys! They are getting ready to have another little girl next month so we had to get some pictures of life as they currently know it- Legos, donuts, and trips in the camping van.

(By the way, there's nothing like photographing another photographer to make me even more hyper aware of the pathetic state of my website/blog than I already was. But alas here I go, sheepishly sharing on my like 2005 blogger site!)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Stent Family

Every time I photograph this family I just like them more and more. They love dogs and each other. In my book, if you've got those two things down, you're a winner. And the Stent family does both those things incredibly well!