Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Yasmine before

I'm posting these in a slightly backwards order, but here are some of the shots from my maternity session with Kirsten before Yasmine was her own entity. We took these back in December when I was on a blogging Sabbatical, but now seems like a good better-late-than-never time to post them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Yasmine

These are some pictures I just finished working on from a photo shoot back in March. My chiropractor, Dr. Kirsten Hill of Dance With Life Chiropractic, and I did a trade, and as such I, unfortunately for her, moved her to the bottom of my to-do list :) But I did finally get to them! Here's few of my favorites from our "newborn" session. Yasmine is 3 months in these pictures.

And her husband Borhen

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More of Indiana

So after hanging out in their old neighborhood, we went over to the "creek" (I think it might have been sewer water) where Jason used to fish.

This sight literally made me jump just slightly- look how close the color of my shoes is- that's amazing!!!

Then we headed over to Charles's parents' house where they were setting up for the party that night and the wedding the next day. I think this house may be half the reason I liked Indiana. Sooo Pretty. (Sigh . . . .) Anyway, I'll have to get myself a porch like that one day.

So when we got there Tessa had a secret for Charles . . .

She'd been saving this special job of splitting the bonfire wood just for Jason!!

It was so pretty out, and I'd already taken more than enough pictures of lovebirds Jason and Shawn as you can tell, so luckily Charles and Tessa were willing to do a little day-before-the-wedding 5 minute shoot for me.

We left and went to have a fabulous dinner with Jason's brothers and mom, and then by the time we got back the party was underway

This picture is so funny. I let Charles's dad swap lenses with me, so he put my fancy shmancy lens on his Rebel- and he was quite impressed.

. . . maybe I could get him to trade me- my lens for his front porch. . .

Monday, May 19, 2008


We just got back yesterday from our trip to Indiana- and it was such a nice trip. I've never been to the midwest before . . . except to Chicago for a weekend once- but that just felt like another big city, so I'm considering this my first real Midwestern trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned that it's totally uncool to call Indianapolis "Indy", and that "Nap-town" is what the cool kids are saying. I saw my first "White Castle" and my first "Waffle House" and I apparently can't pronounce "Hoosier" right.

The first night we stayed at Jason's grandma's house and for some reason I just loved her house- it was just like Grandma's houses should be- with lots of knick knacks in the windowsills, pictures of grandkids in every available spot, and lots of knitted and ruffly things. I took so many pictures, I guess just cause I was having a familiar feeling and wanted to capture it.

At one point I realized something kinda bizarre. The layout of her house is just like the layout I often create in my head when I'm reading a book and there's a house in the story. Weird.

While being a military brat doesn't really allow one to claim to be "from" anywhere, Shawn grew up in Indiana from 5th through 9th grade and I think considers that to be where he's from more than anywhere else. It's where Jason and him met, so on Friday after waking up we spent a good deal of time driving through the old neighborhood and reminiscing.

Here is the old house

And the rock in the front yard that Shawn swears used to be bigger

They had so many memories from that neighborhood. It was good to listen to them remember where people used to live, and what happened on what corner, and to retrace the path they used to ride on their bikes to each other's house. . . I think generally people usually miss out on the first portion of their significant other's life's experiences; being able to do something like this felt really special.

There's tons more, but I'm too tired right now- I'll have to post the rest tomorrow