Thursday, August 02, 2007

Family Reunion at Jack and Sharon's 2007

This past weekend we drove up to Trinity County for the Eggleston Family Reunion. I always love going up there- it's basically just a few days of relaxing, swimming in the pool and river, hanging out and eating.
Shawn and I unfortunately left at 3:00 on Friday afternoon so what is usually a 5 hour drive, took 8 hours due to traffic. Blah!

I think the dogs had some sense of where we were going b/c they were sooo excited to get there.
They love it there. There is lots of open land and tons of other dogs and they just run all day long when they are there. In fact, after we arrived late that night and went to bed, Morgan woke us up at about 4:00 in the morning whining and crying. I thought maybe she had to go to the bathroom so I got up and let her out, but no- she was just excited to run around. Didn't seem to be the slightest bit aware of the fact that it was 4 in the morning and not the time for playing.

So Saturday always includes a trip in inner tubes down the river.
They have a ton of them- enough for each person to have their own, and the beer to have it's own tube!
Every year I threaten not to go because I just can't stand how cold the water is, but then I always feel like a party-pooper so then I always go. But this year I stayed behind and just hung out by the pool with kids and Candice and Holly- It was warm and lovely.
I also got to witness the various ways to clean oneself after eating an Oreo.
Catcher uses his teeth on his lower lip creating strips, and Tyler uses his lips all the way around creating a ring. Fascinating.

Brad made sure not to drink too much while on the river this year b/c he didn't want me to have a chance to take any "terrible" pictures of him like I did last year. Luckily he looks great here
and hopefully everyone can just forget about that other picture.

I just got this new little template so I made my first collage with it- cute huh! (Click on it so you can see things a little better)
And speaking of men being men. . .
oh whoops, wrong picture- I meant this one
So anyway, there was lots of lounging around
although when some heav. . .more mature people tried this, it didn't work out as well.
There was also a fair amount of wrestling, water gun fighting, and trampoline jumping.
I sneaked up on these two girls while they didn't think anyone was watching them pick berries.
but then I think at least one of them discovered I was watching, and that I had a camera.

Here's some shots from my 3-minute Photo Session with Brad and Candice

I mentioned there were lots of dogs there- 11 to be exact- and that was even without Addie and Hudson. You'd think there would have been a few more "disagreements" with that many dogs who aren't used to being together, but the only major one happened because of a neighbor dog that wandered over a few times. But after he did this to Oso :( ,
the owner was called to come get his dog and then everybody seemed to get along just fine.

Here's a few of them:
Clancy I sometimes want to sneak into my car and take home.
Or maybe just see about working out a trade for this one
Oso, Briana, and Kelly
And then there's Miss Cookie
I was planning on taking pics of all of them, but I got distracted. Oh well- woulda been cute. . .

Catcher needed a bit of extra cuddle time due to some rather upsetting experiences
like when Tatanka didn't want to play with him, and told him so by snapping at him. He didn't incur any physical injury but when Amber was asking him if he had any ouchies, he pointed to his heart. Then the next day he pointed to Tatanka and told Holly "That's the dog that bwoke my hawat"
There was also the time when his parents made him balance this plate on his head for a few hours
and had him fetch beers for everyone
but he accidentally got the wrong beer and so Uncle Rusty had to "teach him a lesson".

But other than that it was just another clam weekend in the Mountains.