Monday, March 23, 2015

Janae and baby Lincoln

My friend, fellow photographer, neighbor, and babysitting-trade mom, Janae, had the fantastic idea of doing a little mini-session for our 2nd babes. Those little seconds get the shaft in so many ways, she thought it would be nice to do something special just for them! So she photographed me and Wren one morning, and I photographed her and little Lincoln one afternoon. It was a fine idea!

Linc woke up from his nap a little confused as to what I was doing in his room (love the way he kept eyeballing me!) and then, seeing as how these babies are starting to not be so baby-ish, we got a few "last-chance" breastfeeding shots in. Lincoln rode his Radio Flyer, took some hand-held steps, played blocks, and snuggled and laughed with his mom- quite please with his time for just the two of them! :)