Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dave and Charlene

DaAbout three months ago I joined Maria for Dave and Charlene's wedding here in San Francisco, and I'm so glad I did. Kevin Chin always teases me about having crushes on all the pretty brides-- Well, Charlene was cause for a classic case of this. She was just so beautiful, I fell right into being a 10 year old girl totally enamored with the princess. Charlene had the most amazing silk dress from Thailand, super sparkley shoes, pretty pink flowers, and a gorgeous and gracious smile- I probably took a million pictures of her!

Here is the amazing Maria Chang of PMA working her magic.

This picture cracks me up- I'm pretty sure she somehow convinced Dolly Parton to try her dress on during the fitting.

I guess we can't forget about the groom :) Dave was there too, and Dave too was so cute.

The Ceremony

I absolutely love the expression on Dave's mom's face here.

This was taken right as the security guard was coming out to tell us that we couldn't take pictures there, but Charlene was still trying to camouflage herself into the bamboo.

More Kessler Family Pictures from our trip to Az.

I posted those pictures of Frank and Jeanne a while back but am just now getting around to posting a few more from our trip to Arizona two months ago. Lauren and Brendan were as cute and sassy as ever. We spent our time playing in the tree house, playing jump rope, playing tether ball, making several trips to get ice cream, making ice cream, and eating more ice cream.

Brendan is one-of-a-kind. I mean seriously, just look at that face!
At one point he was leading me somewhere with my eyes closed and I said I didn't trust him, and he just responded completely matter-of-factly, "that's because I lie all the time" :) Shawn and I always compare him to Tatanka- so so naughty, but so so irresistible.

Lauren and I beat Shawn several times at Tether Ball. He claims we cheated, but I think he may just suck at Tether Ball.

The kids were getting ready to get a horse, so we did a fair amount of playing in the new horse trailers.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Theresa and Brad engaged

This wasn't my most graceful photo shoot, as it was the last one I did (at 8.5 months pregnant) before taking a break for a few months, but it was still a winner. From the Presidio to North Beach, it was filled with light and color. And from Theresa to Brad, it was filled with laughter and love! These two have a tenderness and a giddiness that is infectious!

* I'm still months (read: over a year) behind with getting my new site and blog together, and since Verité is no longer a thing I've been feeling like I shouldn't post on that blog anymore. So mostly that means I've simply not been posting much of anything anywhere. But with baby #3 now on the scene I don't have super high hopes for the new RKP site/blog to get done anytime soon so am trying to put some things up somewhere! Thus the reason for seeing some wedding-related stuff on this old blog.