Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The new me

So I keep hearing again and again about how it's all about the blog. As far as portrait and wedding photographers go, if you wanna be in the club, you gotta blog. The blog is the new website. I hear that brides are foregoing looking at photographers' websites altogether and just going straight to the blog, and that they want to see new stuff all the time. But crap- who has time for all that!? Well I guess that's the point of this post- The new me apparently has time for all that- that's what she's telling herself anyway. I'm kinda obsessed with Friday Night Lights right now and Lyla Garrity says if you wanna make a change, "you just do it". So here I go on my first day of being a devout blogger. And you can see I'm dedicated to the cause because I even have new hair to match the new me. What cute bangs!
. . . unfortunately it's still the same old nose though.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Shawn is making it so I can post things bigger! Isn't he great? And since we're doing bigger, of course Tatanka demanded being the first big picture.