Thursday, September 02, 2010

Berkeley adjusting to life

Berkeley is 3 weeks old today (although these pictures are mostly from her first two weeks). I keep waiting for something resembling a schedule to unfold, but that hasn't happened as of yet. Basically, our days are some sort of variation of these three activities: eat, sleep, and cry. . . . "eat, cry, eat, eat, sleep, eat, cry, eat, eat". But never in the same order, which makes it really hard to plan anything or get anything done (not really a newsflash to most people, I'm sure). Anyway, every once in a while a forth alternate activity gets thrown in there. While these alternates tend to take up the least amount of our time, they also tend to be the most interesting, so that's what gets photographed:

She took her first bath (which was coupled with the crying activity)

She spends a fair amount of time looking like a monkey (more on this later)

She endures parental-imposed reflexology tests

She practices making faces

She teaches her papa patience as he anxiously awaits her wake-up time.

She wins! She does this stretch like 100 times a day and I adore it every single time; it just looks like she's constantly celebrating a success of some sort.

She hosts visitors from near and far.

And, she poses for me as the cutest baby in the world.