Saturday, May 30, 2009

Charles and Tessa

Charles came out here last week for a visit and since it was also the week of his and Tessa's first anniversary, I figured it was about time I got them some of the pictures I took at their wedding last year. I wasn't their real photographer (but you know, I can never resist) so the year lapse isn't quite as lame as it sounds :)

I posted some pictures from the rest of the weekend in Indiana back when it happened (and here), but here are a few from the actual wedding:

Charles and Tessa actually made their own wedding bands!

Tessa's friends found her this oh-so-perfect little clutch!

I love this shot on the right- Tessa and Charles were really into Salsa Dancing (they even bought Shawn and I lessons a few years ago- we kinda sucked but it was way fun!), and I just find their matching ultra-focused, teeth-biting-lip moves absolutely fantastic.

I was about to take some pictures of these three, but before they were all ready Shawn started making moves at the photographer. He's just too cute for me to pass up on posting this little series of him flirting with me. I love that it starts out with Charles and Jason not paying attention at all and then they see him being a regular old Don Juan.

And this series is pretty cute too. Charles and Shawn aren't especially tall boys by any means, but it doesn't take much to be taller than Jason and they decided to give him a moment to be the tall one of the bunch.

And finally, Shawn busted out "What is love" to dedicate to Charles- the emotional moment coulda come straight out of Night at the Roxbury.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Studio Photography spread

Back in March I was featured in Studio Photography Magazine - an industry publication! I had a whole 3 page spread and was feeling all proud. . . and then they went out of business :) This publication's been around for 10 plus years, has a big readership, and I was feeling all big-time, but yeah, that got squashed when I heard the announcement the following month . . . So anyway, a little less impressive of an announcement than it would have been otherwise, but here it is all the same (sorry for the poor scan).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Harris-Boundy Family

At the end of last year Liesel asked me to do a family photo shoot for them, but I told her that friends really shouldn't hire me- I totally put them at the bottom of the list (like any good friend would) and I take forever to get them their pictures, but she insisted. So here we finally have it; Sol and Sabine are practically in college at this point, but they are done :)

I had such a good time with this shoot! I would love the Harris-Boundy Family regardless of what type of pictures they wanted to do (they are some of the friends we went with when we went canvasing for Obama last October in Nevada) but they made it all the more fun by suggesting we go to the library for our shoot. Liesel is a librarian and Jason is a professor at SFSU so it seemed like a highly appropriate spot for the family.

We broke their photo shoot into two parts and for the second part we went to Ocean Beach. And I know suckers are so last year, but I've had these in my camera bag forever and just couldn't resist.

I think Sol and Sabine could be models for surfer gear- they totally have that look, you know. Although, I've also thought they could pass for Nordic elves at times. . . either way really.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alex's Bar Mitzvah

Alex was the last Bar Mitzvah I photographed, back at the beginning of the year, and he was number three of the Three Musketeers I've mentioned recently: him, Josh, and Drew.
The theme for Alex's day was The Sharks, and they were seriously devoted to the theme- Sharks-colored Kippots, Hockey Puck save-the-dates, Shark-mask favors . . . The whole event was quite impressive!!

I love this one. Alex, one of the men.

Look, below on the right! That's Ronnie Lott! . . . Actually, it's no big deal really- Ronnie and I go way back. I got his signature when I was like 14. He didn't act like he remembered me, but you know, sometimes stars can be really shy.

The party that night was really so great. I wish I could post every single picture of the details- they just did such a good job with all of them. And I'm telling you- 13-year olds know how to throw a party! I mean, com'on, DDR! There should be DDR at every party.

And here they are, together again. Alex, Drew, and Josh.

I love this one of Ruth as she's watching Alex give his Candle-lighting presentation. I think she just looks so proud and so in love with her son.