Monday, December 21, 2009


I know I haven't been posting much the last few weeks and that is mainly because I've been incredibly preoccupied with this fire. A lot of you have probably heard by now, but if you hadn't, we had a little fire at Verité about two weeks ago. Everything and everybody is fine- it was super small- but even as small as it was, dealing with the aftermath has been such an ordeal.
It was an electrical fire in the back wall of our space, which is actually the wall that houses Dilek Sezen, who we sublet to. Basically we started smelling something funny one evening and after following our noses around for a while, we found the source. Luckily Tutt was there and knew what to do and what to look for, and when to say, "holy sh*t! Call 911". So 6 fire trucks, 20 firefighters, 2 hours, some sledgehammers, and a chainsaw later, we were left with a giant hole in our back wall, high blood pressure, and a very very grateful attitude.
Here is a little video that one of Dilek's friends took in the middle of the excitement:

So anyway, work was pretty counterproductive for a while since we had to take all our computers home and our studio smelled like a BBQ pit for the past two weeks. Apologies to everyone who is having to wait longer than expected for their pictures or orders- and thank you again for your patience!

This is the piece of plastic the worker put up to "keep the rats out". Ewwe. Pretty sure a rat could figure out to go through the part that wasn't covered all the way, but luckily we haven't seen any of these choice creatures wandering around our studio.

Things are finally on the up and up now, at least as far as our space is concerned. The wall has been patched up, we've employed about 15 air fresheners, and our studio is coming back together. Unfortunately, Dilek's space still needs some work, but hopefully she'll also be ready to reopen soon.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Alyson and Nick at The Palace hotel - part II {wedding photography}

And here's some shots from the second half of our day with Alyson and Nick. After leaving Nick's Crispy Tacos, we headed back to the Palace Hotel for their beautiful reception with lots of Greek Dancing and 80s Rockin'!