Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michael and David with Hank and Zeke

Several years ago, Michael, who is the super sassy and wonderful owner of Babies, which is the super sassiest and cutest pet store in the entire city, agreed to put some of my work up in there. In exchange I agreed to do a photo shoot for him and his partner David and their two dogs. Well, finally late this past summer we got around to doing it at last, and now even more finally I'm getting around to posting a few.

We started off at their beautiful home where they have this great stairwell the dogs run up and down to greet everyone coming and going. Eventually we headed over to Babies where Hank and Zeke make it perfectly clear to everyone who comes in that "our dad owns the store so you'd better watch it". And finally we went over to The Four Seasons where David is the Head of Catering to do a few shots over in their dog-friendly digs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Me and Grace

Very Exciting news for me!! I was recently invited to be on the Platinum List for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. They ask a handful of professionals in each region to be part of their preferred vendor listing and I was one of them this year!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The rest of Leslie and Brian

So after the ceremony, we all hopped back in the big red Cadillac to do a few more shots of the two as brand new marrieds.

We went over to a big Oak Tree on a hill, the one they used on all their invitations, and programs, and save-the-dates and such. It was kinda the mascot for their wedding so it was great we got to hang out there for a little while.

Thanks guys. You did an amazing job with your wedding and you were even more wonderful and amazing to work with!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Leslie and Brian

Leslie and Brian got married back in September at Taber Ranch, this gorgeous venue up in Capay Valley outside of Winters- a piece of property home to wonderful big Oak trees, an Almond orchard, gardens, rolling golden hills, small vineyards, a reservoir, and just overall general gorgeousness. And this was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Seriously, everything about it was done with so much thought. They went with a sort of Vintage Barn Yard theme and everything from her little antique shotgun broach, to the hand-made favors, cookie jars filled with cookies made by the grandmas, and old scale centerpieces found one-by-one on ebay-- the details of this event were just yummy! Everything around us was so fun to photograph- not the least of which was the handsome couple, and they gave Maria and I lots of time to do fun pictures of the two of them, which we always appreciate!! Anyway, needless to say, we had so many thousands of images to edit afterwards! But it was worth it!

Leslie and Brian seeing each other for the first time. They are high school sweethearts and so so in love. Just look at the way he looks at her!
( . . . I know- hold hand over chest and make "ohhh" face!)

Leslie is really close with her grandfather. I have a whole series of cute ones of them seeing each other for the first time this day too. I never knew either of my Grandpas and I always find myself being taken in with this relationship.

ok, so this is Taber Ranch- so beautiful, huh!

The property has this fun old red Cadillac that they let you take out all over their land.

Maria is way better than me at getting these sassy editorial sorts of shots- make sure you visit her blog here to see her fabulous work from the day!

So this is what it looked like right before the ceremony, but then as Grandpa was about to make his way up to the reserved seats in the front row, he fell and dislocated his hip :(

There was lots of running around, and stress, and tears, but Miss Leslie just handled the situation with such grace. She ran right up, not caring who saw her, and kneeled down next to him. A moment later it was decided to turn all the chairs around so the ceremony could take place right there where he was; he refused to go off to any hospital until he'd seen his granddaughter get married!

And I think I'm putting up way too many pictures for one post. I'll put up all the evening stuff in the next one.