Monday, August 24, 2009

Maria and Bryan- sneak peek

Maria and Bryan just got back from their 3-week honeymoon in Italy! And before I leave for my little vacation to Portland tomorrow (which is practically the same thing as Italy) I promised I'd give them a little sneak peek from their beautiful day in Napa last month.

And this is not my standard choice for a sneak peek shot, but I just love Mr. Castellucci, so here's to daddy-daughter dancing and our great landlords :)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lacee and Portia

Ray and Lesley were walking by the studio one day back in February, and due to some health issues that one of their dogs Lacee was having, they decided then and there, just on a whim, to do a photo shoot the next day.

I loved the way this shoot came out! Portia is the pretty white Whippet and Lacee is the adorable unrecognizable mutt. They were fantastic subjects, and serious lickers.

Lacee was not one to be shy with her feelings.

. . . at all.

After hanging out at their place for a while, we headed over to Fort Funston where I always love to go. How can anybody not love to go there though? I mean, it's a beautiful park by the ocean filled with dogs and lovey-dovey hippie graffiti. What's not to love?!

Ok, I'll just say it- I'm pretty damn proud of this shot!

Thanks for the great afternoon guys.

Monday, August 03, 2009

sneak peek- Rocco

I have been so bad at blogging lately- And what I have blogged has all been my garden and no work :) But here's to me being back on track!

Starting with this one from my shoot with the adorable Rocco on Saturday. Him and his dad play ball at the edge of the water in the evenings. It's quite nice :)