Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cherniss girls, and a boy.

Hilary and I were pregnant with baby girls at the same time so I always felt this little connection with her, but really, we can hardly be considered in the same club- she was already a serious pro at this motherhood thing since it was her fourth baby, and I was still treading amateur territory! But still, I felt that connection simply because of the synchronized pregnancies and because I wanted to be like her- with a house full of littles.

That baby girl is 15 months now (here) and they wanted to do a photo shoot for her. Hilary thought this experience would cure me of my desire to add more, but nope, I loved it! All that energy, all that wrestling, all that laughter, all that hitting, all those moments around the kitchen island together, all that chaos, all those snuggles- I eat this stuff up! Photographing a house of six did nothing to lessen the fantasy. (This in no way means that we are having more children in any way, shape, or form- simply that I still want to!)

Anyway, I love this session. The day before we did it Hilary informed me that half the people in the house had facial wounds as a result of that bad little baby; I offered to reschedule but they said, nah! So here they are- bite marks, scratches, goose-egg forehead bumps, and all, hanging out at home on a Saturday afternoon.