Thursday, October 22, 2015

Joelle, Sam and baby Dorian

Joelle is a friend of some friends. Before this shoot I hadn't seen her in a long time (like, before there was a baby or a husband long)! It's not like I ever knew her that well, but it's still so fun to see how people's lives and identity changes as the people in their life change. The last time I saw her I'm sure we were mingling at some dinner party eating fancy cheeses and chocolates, and this time she was crawling around on the floor chasing a lil' babe, and I was chasing her.

At the same time, it's good to know some things stay the same. Joelle and Sam and both musicians; they told me how they actually came back to her apartment and played music together on their first date. And now, they still play music together, but with the accompaniment of some chubby little one-year-old hands attempting the bass line along side them.  

It was so great to hang out with these three on a Saturday afternoon- we crawled up and down the hallway, had some dinner, broke into a few little jam sessions, went for a walk around their colorful block, came back, and got ready for bed. And I can testify that I overheard them telling Dorian they love him at least 100 times in the span of those few hours.