Sunday, April 02, 2017

Theresa and Brad engaged

This wasn't my most graceful photo shoot, as it was the last one I did (at 8.5 months pregnant) before taking a break for a few months, but it was still a winner. From the Presidio to North Beach, it was filled with light and color. And from Theresa to Brad, it was filled with laughter and love! These two have a tenderness and a giddiness that is infectious!

* I'm still months (read: over a year) behind with getting my new site and blog together, and since Verité is no longer a thing I've been feeling like I shouldn't post on that blog anymore. So mostly that means I've simply not been posting much of anything anywhere. But with baby #3 now on the scene I don't have super high hopes for the new RKP site/blog to get done anytime soon so am trying to put some things up somewhere! Thus the reason for seeing some wedding-related stuff on this old blog.

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